Wednesday, 21 February 2018


                           No rain here but we are prepared with a Rainy Day Watering Can!

                                                         So many artistic folks down here!

Monday, 19 February 2018


As winter trudges on just thought I would send you some sunny happy thoughts with my winter project of Happy Houses from Karla Gerard. Even though I hooked this as a night scene as opposed to a day time , I think I got the bright colours intended.  I know it's not whipped (John) so technically it is not done but I don't have an iron to steam it nor wool so it will just have to wait until I'm back up north which will be in a few days for a visit and then I'll be back to tropical colours and temps!

Enjoy my sunny thoughts!  Please send us photos of what you are working on, I miss you all!!!!!
I need photos of all the new girls and what they're doing, whether it is knitting or weaving??????

Saturday, 10 February 2018

OHCG Facebook page

Have you seen the OHCG’s Facebook page?  They’re featuring a lot of interesting articles these days.

If you’re a Facebook user, “follow” them to see their regular updates. It makes for some great reading and viewing.

If you’re not a Facebook user, here is a small sampling of the articles posted recently. Click on any of the links below to see the content. You don’t need a Facebook account.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Busy Spring

Spring can’t be far away, can it?  Judging by the Ontario weather I’m sure it seems pretty wintry. To warm you up, here’s a photo of some monkeys in our garden in Costa Rica.

Dianne posted some useful info yesterday from our January meeting and it’s worthwhile to immortalize it in the blog!  I’ll put this info in the calendar section shortly.

1.       New Cutters – We voted in favour of purchasing two new Bolivar cutters – YES!

2.       Upcoming Dates
(a)    Feb. 20 – Jillian will give a talk at the Art Gallery of Northumberland on the beautiful quilts of Dorothy Winters at 11 am. 
(b)   Feb. 26 – monthly meeting at Grace Church – hosts – Betty, Judy, Anne, Dora
(c)    March 24 – Oshawa Hook-In
(d)   April 14 – “The Gathering”, Port Hope Rec Centre (bring your hooking; volunteers needed)
(e)   April 14 – Belleville Hook-In (same day as the Gathering)
(f)     April 23 – monthly meeting at Grace Church (note change of usual date)
(g)    April 24 – Display and talk by Alice Williams of her aboriginal-themed quilts; Ruth Clarke Activity Centre, 7pm
(h)   May 4-6 – Annual Conference, Ottawa; Open House - May 6

3.       Annual Conference:
The Annual is being held in Ottawa May 4-6. We decided at Monday’s meeting to reserve one section for a display by the Northumberland Rug Hookers.  Rugs needed: Please let me know if you are able to submit a rug(s) for the display. They must be the work of an OHCG member and may not have been shown at previous Annuals. If you choose to have your rug(s) judged (your choice), there are several categories as follows: Fine Cut (up to five cut); Wide Cut (five cut and above); Multi Cut (combination of fine and wide); Primitive (simple design, no shading); Pictorial;  Oriental; Alternative Fibres/Techniques; Original; Theme (“Hooked on Waterways”; must be original). Iris and I will be putting up the display and will collect them at the April 23rd meeting (or before).

Thursday, 25 January 2018


Hi Everyone from sunny, warm? Florida??? well????

There is definitely no snow and there are rug hookers so it's all good!

Here are a few pics on what we are working on!! Hope you are all enjoying the new digs at Grace Church, speaking of which next Monday is our monthly already, WOW!! time flies, enjoy!!!

                                            This is by Chris a new rug hooker
                                          This beauty is a Carol Feeney pattern hooked by Nancy
                                                           and here's Nancy

                                                           we have ladies that do braided rugs!
                                                                    Regina 's
                                                                      Mamie our leader
                                                           Ann admiring Regina's work

Monday, 15 January 2018

Seeing Red and Other Wondrous Things

Unku with staggered and linear designs, 500 AD - 700 AD (Collection: MALI, Museo de Arte de Lima)
There is a new website that is gaining a lot of interest.  It's not specifically about rug hooking, but is about art and culture.  If you're like me and enjoy looking at interesting art works and galleries, etc. then you might be interested in perusing the site.  It's called Google Arts and Culture.  You can click here to go to the site.  If you have an iPad, you can go to the app store and download the app.

One of the feature articles today is on the colour red - a very interesting read!  Click here to get to the article.

You can read the articles presented on the site (they change daily), or you can search for a topic of interest, like specific artists, or style of painting/sculpture (like impressionism), or art gallery (and get a virtual tour of a celebrated museum!).   It needs a bit better Canadian content, but there are certainly US, European and Asian stuff well represented.  This could be a very useful site when you're doing research for a rug based on a specific style (like oriental rugs!).

Of course I couldn't resist searching on Hooked Rugs and got a great selection of rugs that are in the Washington Gallery of Art, along with a number of photographs from Life Magazine taken in the 50's of what looks to be a very large hook-in.  It doesn't say where this is, but you can clearly see rugs, cheticamp frames and even a dyeing demonstration.  Here is a small sampling of the photos.


Thursday, 11 January 2018

68 days to spring!

yes!  Can you believe it? There are only sixty eight days until the arrival of can’t come soon enough!

That was the theme behind a cake that Margaret Eindhoven brought to our inaugural meeting at Grace Church today. It was delicious, and a wonderful way for us to kick off our first meeting.

We have in a good-sized basement room at the church with good lighting and a small kitchen area. It should work out quite well for us.

If you’re available any Thursday, please join us at 440 King East from 9:30 to 11:30.