Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Assorted Items

If you're available this coming Monday, there's a fibre event happening in Castleton at The Mill at Piper Creek.  If you recall, Dianne and Judy attended a fibre festival there earlier in the year and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  It looks like the same folks are now organizing a "yarns and yakking" session for the next few months, on the 3rd Monday of the month.  The first event is November 19.  Rug Hooking is definitely a fibre craft, and would fit in just fine with all the other crafty things that will be going on there.

Click here to learn more.  Monday from 10 to 12.


If you applied to attend Trent Rug Hooking School this coming June, and you HAVEN'T heard back from the organizers, it looks like you're IN!

Here's the Facebook post from Cindy Fridenberg.

(now to remember what it is i applied for!)


There was a book on colour theory published at the turn of the century, and it's being re-printed in full colour.  The book itself looks interesting, but the article about the author is interesting, too!  This info comes to us via the OHCG Facebook page.   https://hyperallergic.com/467406/revisiting-emily-vanderpoels-color-theory-book-117-years-after-its-first-release/


This looks like an intriguing site.  "Founded in 2013, the Canadian Online Art Book Project is a growing digital library of books–all original works commissioned by the Art Canada Institute–by the country’s leading art experts on artists who have made a critical contribution to the evolution of the nation’s art history. Each year the ACI releases six new titles in this program."

I checked out the book on Tom Thomson, and it's a wonderful resource.....there may be yet another Thomson rug in me!  Not all of the artworks listed are in the public domain, but it all makes for interesting reading.


This just in!  The Northumberland Art Gallery Shop in Port Hope has a website, with lovely things on display.  Featured among them are works by our own very talented folks:  Betty Foster, Greg Gall, Lynda Johnston and Judy Parnell!  Click here to see!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Wreaths and more

Here is a collection of various things I’ve recently found in my travels, and thought you may like them! Pictured above is the latest completed item by Lynda Johnston - lovely.  It’s a pattern available from Carol Shewan.

Trees & wreaths:  Today at rug hooking we were fascinated with wreaths/trees made with fringed wool. They look fairly easy to do, tho there’s a lot of work involved. Here are two videos that may be of interest:

This one was posted on Facebook and the video in the comments shows how to make branches for a wreath. Click here for the wreath video.

Here’s a video showing a similar process, and working with a kit that is available from this site
Click here for the tree video.

Edited to add:  this just in from Lynda, here’s another place that’s offering tree kits and more online.


Heres a podcast from the tighr event in Yorkshire last month.


Here’s another great video showing how fabric is printed commercially.  https://twitter.com/hole_and_corner/status/1056999223747641345?s=21


This is a video from Deanne Fitzpatrick on symbolism in rugs. https://mailchi.mp/hookingrugs/free-videos-in-our-new-and-improved-newsletter-2473053


This next post has nothing directly to do with rug hooking. It’s an article about caregiving, etc. A topic we're all familiar with....and the photo featured with the article is a hooked piece by Laura Kenny, called “holding on”. https://understoreymagazine.ca/article/you-can-do-better-than-that/

Sunday, 4 November 2018


We had a great time at the Kitchner Hook-in Dianne thanks for driving us. You can see Brenda's gorgous leaves on the left and the brich bark just waiting to hook the beaver on her NEXT piece.  She already completed her Group of Seven and showed it at the "show & tell" and it was received with great applause and oogled by others who came to our table for a closer look.

There were alot of vendors of wool and frames, a flea market type table of wool and a silent auction for 2 frames and of course some 50/50 tickets and we didn't win so no DINNER for us!
They also had a guy who sharpened scissors and wheels, the latter is something new for me but darn, didn't bring my wheels.  Brenda did and got them sharpened so that will only add to her speed in completing her projects now, go Brenda!

More photos posted below
                                               Carole the button lady, I bought some!!!!
                                                                  flea market buys

                                    Summer Hill, books written by her daughter and patterns by Rosemary?
                                      Mat titled "it's all in the accessories"   Summer Hill I believe
                                                                  yummy wool

                                       Dying with leave, Dawn Liu-Smyth: very cool process
                                                       Shelley? hope I have the name right, her rug below
                            Beauatiful, original hoping to be completed for the annual, birds of a feather
                                             Tracey , this is the moon 1969
                                     She has lots of story rugs of her mom and family that covers 90 years
                                                      a real legacy and a fairly new hooker.
                                      She said you can do anything and has learned from each mat.

Monday, 29 October 2018


Today's Monday meeting was a celebration of all things "multi-craftual".  Many of the folks in our group do more than one crafty thing, and we gathered together to admire the work of these talented folk, and even to buy some of their wares.  This brain-child of our very own Christine featured:

- jewellery
- rug hooking (natch!)
- felting
- soap making
- wood products
- sewn bags
- quilting
- knitting
- appliqué
- spinning

One of Dora's quilts in progress

Pam brought along her Dollar Box of wool treasures

Anne's lovely bags

One of Martina's many great knitted projects
Lynda's gorgeous hooked stocking

Lynda's felted and hooked ornaments

Bev brought great soaps, jewellery and wood products

Rosemary's fantastic jewellery

Donna's quilted, felted and appliqué treasures

Ownership of this much-loved sweater transferred to Judy!

As well, there were several completed and in-progress rug hooking projects to ogle:

Several folks brought their Tom Thomson rugs to work on, and Brenda even managed to finish hers!

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Internet Round up

Here is an assortment of things I’ve found online that cb of interest to folks who rughook and/or like fibre-related things:

This is a time-lapse video of an artist working on a very large quilted piece. An interesting process and a lovely finished piece!

Time Goes By - Produced and Directed by Teresa MacInnes and Kent Nason from Sea to Sea Productions

Here’s an interesting video on dyeing with Wilton’s cake decorating stuff. It has been done with yarn, but the same technique could easily be applied to fabric.

If you like photos of rugs, check out these 2 links to photos taken st TIGHR, in England this year,


We all feel better when we do rug hooking, right?  Well here’s an article by a psychologist on the mental health benefits of rag rug making. Granted, it’s about weaving, but all of the points made apply equally well to rug hooking.

Here’s an article about new fibres that are being developed from live organisms! https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-environments-new-clothes-biodegradable-textiles-grown-from-live-organisms/

More photos. These are from Hooked in the Mountains XIX in Vermont. http://gmrhg.org/

Saturday, 20 October 2018

A Walk in the Woods

This past Thursday we had a class with Carol Shewan of Willow Creek Rug Hooking.  We had asked for something "group of 7-ish", and she came up with a class dedicated to Tom Thomson, using 3 of his iconic paintings.

Here are Carol's interpretations of these works of art.  Each of the projects started in the class will look a bit different, due to our colour and fabric choices...but they will all be works of art in their very own right.

We had a full class and everyone learned lots!  There was even an opportunity to see how Carol dyes some of her fabrics.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Ohcg Facebook posts

I mentioned at our last monthly meeting that there’s a lot of good stuff available on the ohcg's Facebook page. Here’s a small sample of what’s out there:

- videos from Wanda Kerr’s dye studio: “ I'm excited to tell you I've just released over 40 videos on dyeing wool and rug hooking to my YouTube Channel today,
Please share this news with all your fellow hookers. Once scattered through out the rich and voluminous Welcome Mat , they are now all in one place for easier access.”

- this tour may be filled up by now, but it does sound interesting.  The link takes you to an interesting site showcasing Guatemalan rugs; “Learn to hook a rug the Maya way!!! Only 4 spaces left on our 2019 Rug Hooking Tour to Guatemala. The tour will run from February 15 – 24, 2019 and is designed for all skills levels, from beginner to accomplished rug hooker. Contact rughooking.guatemala@gmail.com for further information.”

- this is a great colour wheel calculator.....to help out with colour planning.

- check out this post from Australia about sauder village in Ohio!

- this is interesting.....about the Oxford punch needle. “Cornwall's Amy Oxford invented an ergonomic rug-hooking needle in 1995. Since then, she's been quietly running her business and teaching the age-old craft of rug hooking. But recently, business has been booming thanks to a little bit of internet magic: #oxfordpunchneedle started trending on Instagram. Click to read more.”
Here’s a video with the whole story.

.....ok....and that’s only what they’ve posted back to sept 14!