Sunday, 9 June 2019

Change in Tangle Art Workshop

Wendie Scott Davis will now  be teaching the Tangle Art class, in place of Janice Daniels.  We're thrilled to have Wendie join our line up of stellar teachers for our "The Heat Is ON" hook-in and regional east workshops.  It takes place September 30, 2019 in Cobourg.

Here's what she says in her bio:

Something about rug hooking captured my soul in my very first loop, and continues to  romance me some 16 years later.  It's the community.  It's the creativity.  It's the artistic expression.  It's the joy.  It's why I am a passionate hooker, teacher, volunteer  and writer about all things hooking.

The Tangle Art class itself will remain the same.  It's described as:

TANGLE ART – Wendie Scott Davis - 9:00-4:00 - $55 

Stressed Out? Need some relaxation? “Zentangle” is the thing for you! Wendie Scott Davis will walk you through the art of “tangling” through rug hooking – calm, peaceful, no mistakes can be made. 

In the morning you will practice the art of Tangling and in the afternoon you will be able to transfer your design ready for rug hooking. 

Handouts and a kit will be available for purchase. The kit includes: 0.5 Micron drawing pen, pencil, paper, larger paper for design, tracing paper, red dot transfer material, sample designs and detailed instructions. 

Materials Fee (extra) = $20 kit. A piece of linen 18”x18” is also available at an additional cost of $15.

Click here to download a registration form, or go to for  more details, or to learn about other classes available that day.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Busy Thursdays

Our group is growing and there’s a fantastic crowd that comes out to our Thursday gatherings - we scrounge around for extra chairs and space at the table!  Here are some lovely examples of things on display at a couple of recent Thursdays.

Greg's gi-normous cell phone

Valerie's Zebra

Martina's Scrappy Raindrops

Iris' xmas stocking

Dora's big fish

The folks watching the video of our visit with Joyce and Betty

As an added bonus, at one of our Thursdays, some folks from Newfoundland showed up, asking us to Save The Date for the TIGHR conference, taking place in St John’s Newfoundland October 4-8, 2021.  Registration for this grand event begins in January 2021, so get out your calendars!

Here’s a video of Pat Parsons introducing herself to us, and they’re also involved in the virtual hook-in (more on that in another post!).

Sunday, 12 May 2019

A Journey into the World of Primitives / Wide Cut

This is the pocket you will work on in Loretta's class!
Greetings!  Have you registered yet for a workshop at our Cobourg Hook-In, "The Heat Is ON"?  There are some great classes available.

It may seem a tad early to be talking about these workshops, but we need to establish our head counts soon, as well as give the teachers time to contact/work with the attendees before class.  Our registration deadline has been extended to July 26 - but registering now will ensure you get a spot!

To register, go to and download a registration form.  Not sure how to do that?  Simply send us an email ( and we'll help you out.

One of the classes available is with Loretta Moore.  She is based on the beautiful lake district north of Kingston, and has some fantastic fabrics and patterns for sale.  Her website is:, and she writes a very popular blog, with lots of photos of projects.

Her class for Cobourg is a half day offering. It's called A JOURNEY INTO THE WORLD OF PRIMITIVES/WIDE CUT  and will take place from 1:30-3:30 on Sept 30, all for the grand sum of $30!  This means you can enjoy the hook-in in the morning, and hear both guest speakers, and THEN toddle off to your class - it's the best of both worlds!

The workshop description is:  
Get a head start on the Christmas season as Loretta Moore shows you how to hook a pocket for Christmas greenery. It hooks up quickly, makes a great gift and is designed to be hung on a door.  In the class you will explore what “primitive” rug hooking means by briefly looking at design, colour, cut size and fibres. Wide cut does not necessarily mean primitive but primitive often uses a wider cut.  While the original was designed to be a pocket for greenery and hung on a door or a wall, it can also be enlarged by adding borders and made into a small pillow. 
Materials Fee (extra) = $28 pattern on linen 21"x20", $50 wool uncut, $52 wool cut #8 & 6. 
Here's Loretta's bio from our hook-in website:
I have been a rug hooker for about 22 years. I prefer the older more primitive style of rug hooking - more simplistic, naive designs and muted colours similar to rugs that might have been made at the turn of the last century.  
I also teach primitive rug hooking, dyeing and design. My studio is stocked with a full range of supplies. Go to for a list of the events I participate in as well as classes I am teaching. 
I am thrilled to be part of a wonderful, creative community of rug hookers and belong to the Rideau Valley Boots and Baskets and Ottawa Olde Forge rug hooking branches of the Ontario Hooking Craft Guild. I also belong to ATHA - the Association of Traditional Hooking Artists for which I am the regional rep for Ontario and Quebec.
Hope to see you there on Sept 30!

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Grenfell Mat Presentation in Cobourg

As part of the Northumberland Learning Connections series on Newfoundland (The Greatest Hullabaloo), Paula Laverty did a presentation on Grenfell Mats.  Paula is a leading world authority on the Grenfell Mission mats, and has published a book on the topic: Silk Stocking Mats, available at Furby Books in Port Hope.

She did a well received presentation, explaining how the mission evolved, and the support provided to local women to establish an industry to make items for sale.   Originally the mats were made with cotton and wool, but in the late 20’s the use of silk stockings was introduced. Appeals went out to send in discarded silk stockings and similar materials, which were then dyed and cut for hooking. At its peak the mission received 10 tons of silk in one year!

Overall, Paula estimates that there were 20,000 mats made. Initially the woman were paid in clothing bundles, rather than cash. These bundles were important as there were no stores in these remote locations, so there was little use for cash, but definitely a need for clothing.

Her presentation included photos of iconic Grenfell Mats and other items sold through the mission. As well, attendees were encouraged to bring in their own Mats for Paula's evaluation.

Here are some photos from the day.

Paula & Dianne compare finishing techniques

Paula points out features on Martina's mat, acquired when her family lived in Labrador.

While not a Grenfell Mat, this is a lovely antique hooked picture!

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Tangle Art at The Heat Is ON

(This is the first in a series of posts highlighting the workshops available at our Sept 30 event, The Heat Is ON, in Cobourg. Click here for more details. Remember that registration closes June 28!)

Have you heard of zentangle?  It’s an easy-to-learn approach to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. 

Through the Zentangle Method of drawing, you can
  • Relax
  • Focus
  • Expand your imagination
  • Trust your creativity
  • Increase your awareness
  • Respond confidently to the unexpected
  • Discover the fun and healing in creative expressionemember
  • Enter a vibrant and supportive world-wide community
  • Feel gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful world and all that you can do
  • And perhaps most importantly . . . Have fun!

It lends itself very well to Rug hooking!  Check out the 3 examples on this page.

Join Janice Daniels on Sept 30  to Learn "Tangle Art"  for rug hooking and transfer a design onto backing. 

TANGLE ART - 9:00am - 4:00pm - $55

"Zentangle" is used as therapy for patients suffering from PTSD, depression, stress and other mental health issues. It is very relaxing. 

In the morning you will practice the art of Tangling and in the afternoon you will be able to transfer a design for rug hooking.  

Handouts and a kit will be available for purchase.  The kit includes: 0.5 Micron drawing pen, pencil, paper, larger paper for design, tracing paper, red dot transfer material, sample designs and detailed instructions.  

Materials Fee  (extra) = $20 kit.  A piece of linen 18”x18” is also available at an additional cost of $15.

Janice Daniels became an O.H.C.G. Teacher in 2003, graduated from St. Lawrence College, Fibre Arts Traditional Rug Hooking in 2006 and became a McGown Teacher in the U.S. in 2016. 

She has been rug hooking for over 30 years. Janice enjoys using multiple fibres in her rug hooking.

To register, download this form, and mail it back with your payment, before June 28.  Alternatively, contact us directly at and we'll get a form to you!

Here's more info on Janice, taken from the OHCG website, teacher bios:

by Janice Daniels, displayed at the Art Gallery of Northumberland in 2017,
"Then & Now - Rug Hooking in Canada"
Where do you teach?
I teach whatever the students want to do. I’ve taught at Trent School of Rug Hooking, Loyalist College and Green Mountain Rug Hooking School and currently teach Wednesday afternoons at And jareena’s Place in Trenton Ontario. I am a member of the Campbellford Rug Hookers. I graduated from St. Lawrence College, Brockville, Ontario in June 2010 with Certification in Fibre Arts – Traditional Rug Hooking. The certificate course requirements are 6 rug hooking courses, art history, photography, basic drawing and crafts as a business. In 2016, I completed my McGown Teacher Training and received my certification .
What do you teach?
Everything in rug hooking. I love teaching and researching each subject.
What is your favourite thing to teach?
I love to have my left over cut wool sorted into colours and values. It is great to hook something from leftovers. I recently hooked a Deer using left over browns, greens and yellows. I also love hooking Cats, realistic or fantasy, Pictorials fine and wide cut; and using multi fibres in all rug hooking.
Do you offer workshops?
Yes I have offered many workshops such as shading with dip dyes, Orientals with a twist, Cats, primitives/wide cut and various beginner projects.
How far are you willing to travel to do a workshop?
Anywhere, and I love meeting new people and seeing different places
What do you like best about teaching?
The enthusiasm of the students. I love helping students in planning their projects and seeing them once they are finished.
What is your favourite tip to share with your students?
Don’t cut your wool in big pieces. Take the time to rip and tear the wool into pieces approx. 2” wide. This stops your wool from going crooked when cutting and you won’t have shredding. Always cut one side, flip, cut other side, then flip again and cut the other side. It is always better to have the odd piece too wide or too narrow than having your wool going off grain. When using recycled wool always rip and tear to get the straight of grain and cut with it.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Rainy Long Weekend

Greetings on this rainy long weekend.  Here's some reading & watching to tide you over (in between feasting on easter bunny treats and other goodies.

Have you got your tickets to hear Paula Laverty speak on April 28?  It's coming up soon, and is going to be a wonderful event.  From the NLC description:
When Wilfred Grenfell set up his medical mission on the coast of Labrador, he included “industries” for fishermen’s wives. The best known is the now much sought after silk stocking hooked mats. Paula Laverty, leading world authority on the Grenfell Mission mats, talks about them, their makers and old Labrador. Bring your Grenfell mats for Paula Laverty’s opinion.  Sponsored by: Williams Academy 
 Click here to purchase tickets.

The mats above are from someone who can't attend on the 28th, and have asked Dianne to bring them in.


This is Lynda's lovely Pileated Woodpecker, almost finished.
Speaking of coming soon.....have you signed up yet for one of the workshops being held here on September 30?  It's called The Heat Is ON and is a combined hook-in & regional east workshop event.  Space is still available, and there are some great classes to choose from:

- Rookie Hooking with Tina Cole, sponsored by the OHCG, ideal for brand new hookers, as well as those wanting to refresh/consolidate existing skills.

- A Journey into the World of Primitive/Wide Cut with Loretta Moore

- Tangle Art with Janice Daniels

- The Heat is On with Susan Clarke.

Click here to see the full details.  Registration closes June 28.  If you don't want to do a class, consider joining us for the hook-in portion of the event.  There will be a display of rugs, vendors and 2 guest speakers!

Now we get to see Christine's tulips in person!


If you've been following along with us, you'll see that we are now on:

- twitter!
- instagram!

Even if you don't have an account with these social media sites , you can follow along with us by clicking on the links above.

....and if you do have an account, and have clicked on a "like" button, thank you very much.  Those likes are really important to ensure we get lots of eyeballs on our site, and more importantly, our Sept 30 event.


...and finally, here is some more fibre-y miscellany from around the globe:

- Did you see this article on rug hooking in the Toronto Star?  I only just recently came across it.

- This is a very long, but worthwhile article on a Norwegian "sweater detective".   A very interesting read for anyone interested in recycled textiles.  

- I know we all do rug hooking, but deep down some of us are also knitters.  Check out this video of some teensy knitting.

- Here's a great video about environmental artist Bryant Holsenbeck.   She talks about folks who throw things "away" - where exactly is "away"?

- This is a wonderful tutorial from the Victoria & Albert Museum:  Try your hand at crafting your own Japanese style 'boro' bag, inspired by the tradition of recycling and reworking pre-existing textiles.


Thursday, 11 April 2019

April News

Have you got your tickets yet for the Paula Laverty talk in Cobourg, on Grenfell Mats?  It's happening on April 28, and as part of her presentation, Paula will be looking at actual Grenfell Mats that folks bring in.  Pictured above is a mat that our own Laurie has borrowed from a relative.  It is indeed a Grenfell, and is made with stockings.  It will be interesting to see what Paula has to say about it!  For tickets, go to Northumberland Learning Connection.

Greg Gall's latest work!
The Northumberland Rug Hookers can now be found on:  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!  Check us out, and give us a like, or 3!  We're working hard to promote our Cobourg Hook-In & Regional East Workshops taking place Sept 30, 2019, so we'll take all the exposure we can get via social media!  For more info on this event, called The Heat Is ON, go to our sister site.  Remember that workshop registration closes June 28, so act now to get one of the coveted spots!

....and now on to our usual collection of miscellany....

- here are some great tips on measuring yarn for whipping....but what i like most is the name of the blog:  My Mother's a Hooker!

- copyright is always something to bear in mind, but can make finding legally free images a pain.  Here's a great article that lists a whole bunch of sites that allow you to use their photographs for free!  There are some caveats around how you attribute some of the images, but these are quite minor, and the breadth of subject matter is significant.  A fantastic resource!

- here's a short video on how pins and needles are made:

- here's a link to a great video of an artist doing "rain tree art", from Australia.

Waking up to history.  Local-history museums in the US (and likely here, too) are working to recalibrate the way they present the past 

- Have you ever done a herringbone finish on your rugs?  

- This article ties in with our heat is on theme...tho it’s crochet-related. 
Here’s a video about the artist.

Shauna Richardson: Crochetdermy from Nick Hand on Vimeo.