Monday, 29 July 2019

Cobourg Farmer’s Market & Other Events

Audrey & a newfound friend at the Cobourg Farmer’s Market
There is a LOT going on these days!

The other week were had a group at Lang Pioneer Village to demonstrate - very successful!

We ran a 2 evening class at the Cobourg Library to teach rug hooking in July - another success!

This last Saturday we were at the Cobourg Farmer’s Market, and had lots of visitors and interest. Many thanks to Francine, Ann, Nancy, Dianne, Dora and Audrey for helping out. A HUGE thank you to Christine for organizing the day, bringing materials to hand out and generally keeping us in order. 

With events like this, it’s really important to engage the public in what we do, and we certainly had lots of opportunity to speak to folks about our craftiness!

Next week you’ll find us at the Hastings Fibre Fest, August 9. 

....aaaaand.....on top of all that, we’re organizing The Heat Is ON, which is a combined hook-in and workshop session.....vendors, prizes, classes, guest speakers and MORE! There are still a few spaces available in our workshops, if you’re interested.  Check out our website for details

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Plein Air Hooking in Northumberland

The Thursday group had a last minute change of location, as the church was being used for Bible Camp so Joyce graciously offered us the use of her home for our gathering.  It was a lovely sunny day and we spread out and enjoyed our own version of plein air hooking.

Winston enjoyed lounging in the grass

We were captivated by Laurie’s “pigs under glass” toy!

Dianne told us about some upcoming events:  

- 10th & Final Hastings Founders Fibre Festival August 9
- Almonte Fibre Festival September 7, 8.  Here’s a link to their website.

Here are some photos of in-progress and completed works from previous weeks:
Susan C’s Murphy, started at Trent

Claire’s big bold flowers!
Martina’s Santa and the man in the moon has now entered the whipping stages. 

Monday, 15 July 2019

The missing post!

Due to an unfortunate glitch, our submission for the summer OHCG newsletter didn’t get here’s the info that you missed:

Donna Wheeldon’s floral rug, based on a design from Joyce. Hooked with yarn. 
Spring has been busy for us as we gear up for our Sept 30 event. Most recently, however, we attended a presentation by Paula Laverty, a renowned expert on Grenfell Mats. She gave an excellent presentation on the mission and their history, and then took time to evaluate mats that participants brought in.

There’s still time to register for workshops taking place at our combo Hook-in & Regional East Workshops [registration closes July 26]. We typically host a hook-in every 2 years, but this time we're adding a series of workshops to take place at the same time as the hook-in. Mark your calendars to join us in Cobourg on September 30, 2019.

There are four workshops available: Rookie Hooking (Tina Cole, sponsored by the OHCG), A Journey into the World of Primitives/Wide Cut (Loretta Moore), Tangle Art (Janice Daniels) and The Heat is ON (a pictorial workshop with Susan Clarke). Attendees can choose between the hook-in, the workshops, or both! To register, go to, or contact us at

Our theme is THE HEAT IS ON, and we will be exploring climate change and weather patterns. It’s also the title of one of the categories for display/judging. We’re hoping to see rugs that demonstrate wind, or snow or that evoke a sense of hot or cold.

We’re excited that we will have 2 guest speakers: Alice Olsen Williams is renowned for her unique quilted textile works that blend expressions of Anishinaabe beliefs and ideology with reflections on contemporary social issues. Jennifer Wiber, a Cobourg-based rug hooker, will present her Temperature Tapestry theme.

As with our other hook-ins there will be several vendors, prizes, cutter/scissor sharpening and delicious refreshments.

Joyce Jones & Dianne Algera admire some of the rugs on display at our April meeting

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Intro to Hooking - Success!

We held an “Intro to Rug Hooking” at the library tonight, and it was a rousing success.  We originally thought there would be 4 registrants, but we ended up with more like 19 folks!  Christine sent up the bat signal and rounded up some extra helpers, and set to work preparing additional kits.

Thanks go to:  Francine, Nancy M, Laurie, Martina, Lynda, Greg, Cathy, Dianne, Judy, and especially to Christine who took on the lion’s share of the work, coordinating with the library and generally hosting the evening.  Everyone brought rugs for a mini display.  Another vote of thanks goes to the
Cobourg Public Library who promoted the event and provided the space.

The attendees selected their worms and tackled the projects with vigor.  They made good progress, but some will return next Tuesday for more instruction.  Some took their projects home to finish there.

We have some interest in starting up our evening gathering - but we need to give some thought as to how best to achieve this.

Here’s a slide show of some of the rugs on display:

Friday, 5 July 2019

Virtual Hook-In: August 13

Ann’s pictorial!

Remember way back in May when we were filming stuff for the folks in Australia?  We prepared a bunch of material and shipped it off to them at the start of June.  They are working on it as we speak, and are preparing something that will be shared with hookers all over the place.  I suspect that, due to the volume of stuff they got, we’ll only see snippets of our submission, but we’ll get to see tons of stuff from other folks!

Valerie’s Hungarian motifi!
I just saw a facebook post that announces the virtual hook-in will take place the evening of August 13.  It looks like it will be done via facebook, but as we learn more i will let you know what to expect.  Here’s a link to the facebook page where they announce the hook-in and show you a snippet of a video from a US hooker.  I don’t think you need a facebook account to get into it.  If you DO have a facebook account, please follow the Australian RugMakers Guild - they post a ton of wonderful info of interest to fibre artists.

In the meantime, here are some snippets from videos we prepared back in May:

This video is what kicked off our focus on rugs that make us proud.   Here’s Joyce telling us why this particular rug is her favourite:

This video showcases what we do in the community:

Friday, 28 June 2019

A Whale of a Time

Nancy M’s whale!
Yesterday we had what is becoming our norm: a very lively Thursday of hooking.  A few of us from Trent brought our projects-in-progress, and there were other projects underway!  Lots of energy!

Reminder:  July 9 we’re hosting a “Rughooking 101” session at the Cobourg Public Library from 6:30.  All materials will be provided and you’ll end up with a coaster to take home!  This class is intended for folks interested in learning about rug hooking but not sure if they’ll like it (we think they will, but we’re kinda biased).  There is no cost!

Also, on the morning of July 11 you’ll find a few of us over at YarnIt on Division, demonstrating rug hooking and needle punching.

(And of course.....there’s still time to register for workshops taking place September 30. Go to for details!)

A gi-normous cell phone by Greg

A stained glass piece by Lois Ann
Santa & the man in the moon by Martina, from Béa Grant’s Primitive class at Trent

Harvey by Claire, from Wendie Scott Davis’ portrait class at Trent 
Tim & Jennifer from Wendie Scott Davis’ portrait class at Trent....still looking a tad rosy.....
If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a great video of some of the weekend events from the Rug Hooking School at Trent.  Click here to view it. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2019


Our registration deadline has been extended! There are still a few spots left! You now have until July 26 to submit your registration for a workshop at our September 30 hook-in. Go to for workshop details. 

Workshops include:

- Rookie Hooking with Tina Cole, sponsors by the OHCG
- A Journey into the World of Primitives / Wide Cut with Loretta Moore
- Tangle Art with Wendie Scott Davis
- The Heat Is ON (pictorial) with Susan Clarke

Even if you don’t want to take a class, consider coming for the hook-in. It will be a fun day of hooking, fellowship 

Also, have you given any thought to what project you will bring for display? There are 3 categories: Fine Cut, Wide Cut and The Heat Is ON. This last one will feature items that relate to our theme of climate change. So far I’ve seen rugs that represent rain, wind, weather maps....this category is pretty wide open, so give it some thought!