Saturday, 17 September 2022

Port Hope Fall Fair

This weekend is the Fall Fair in Port Hope - lots to see and do there.  Try to get there tomorrow if you can!

Rug Hooking was prominently featured, in both the displayed and judged projects.  Competition for prizes was stiff, but there were several winners!  We’ll post photos of some of the winning projects after our monthly meeting on Sept 26.  In the meantime, big congratulations to the winners:

(23) Fine Cut:  

1st prize: Carol Rolph

2nd prize: Jennifer Wiber

3rd prize: Debbie Harris

(24) Not a Rug:  

1st prize: Carol Rolph

2nd prize: Debbie Harris

3rd prize: Lynda Johnston

(25) Original Design:  

1st prize: Debbie Harris:  Also won Best in Show!

2nd prize: Lynda Johnston

3rd prize: Julia McParland

(26) Recycled:  

1st prize: Jennifer Wiber

(Msg from jennifer: see how easy it is to win when you’re the ONLY entry in a category 😂😂!!)

(27) Rural Roots:  

1st prize: Debbie Harris

2nd prize: Carol Rolph

3rd prize: Cathy Hazel

(28) Wide Cut:  

1st prize: Carol Rolph

2nd prize: Dianne Algera

You should consider entering something for next year!  It’s easy to do (online, even!), and there are CA$H prizes - first prize will get you the grand sum of $8 (2nd prize is $5 and 3rd prize is $3).

In the meantime, here are photos of the other rugs that were on display.  Cathy Hazel and Judy Cross (wo-)manned our display in the morning, and Judy stayed on with me (jennifer) in the afternoon.  Tomorrow there will be a whole other crew.  It’s a great chance to meet old friends, and make some new ones….and get a wee tad of hooking done while you’re at it.

Wednesday, 29 June 2022



What a perfect day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The sun was shining and we had a wonderful breeze to keep us cool during the hot week.

We enjoyed, as usual, our tour of Joyce's house with her expansive collections of rugs and she walked around and told stories of how they became.

Treats were brought and delightfully gobbled up with hardly a crumb left for the dog or cat.

We all had such a great time and a BIG THANK YOU TO JOYCE!!!!

Friday, 17 June 2022

Vacation Pics!

Soay breed sheep on St Kilda - they don’t shear these sheep.  They shed their fleece naturally and in a clearly haphazard manner!

We’re slowly starting to get back to “normal” - we held our first monthly meeting in May, and regularly meet on Thursdays……and….even our Night Hookers group has started to meet on Tuesdays!  

We’re coming into the summer season, so we’ll revert to only Thursday and every 2nd Tuesday meetings for June & July.  Our next monthly (Monday) meeting will be September 26.

In the meantime, since the summer is upon us, and many folks are starting to travel again, I’m suggesting that we want to post photos of fibre-y things we’ve encountered during our holidays this summer.  There will be a facebook post linking to this blog post where you can publish your photos directly - or send them to me (nrhookers) and we’ll include them in a future blog post.

Since I’ve just finished a trip & found a few things of interest to rug hookers, here are my photos:

This was a hooked picture i came across on Magdalen Island - it’s fairly modern (i’m guessing 1990’s) and was done to commemorate the lives of the early settlers on the island.  It’s approx 16x12 and was done in a straight line/every hole hooked fashion (Grenfell-ish style), and was done with yarn.

This was the label accompanying the photo, pour ceux qui parlent français!

Another similar, but much larger project in Woody Point (Gros Morne) Newfoundland can be found in the park Discovery Centre.  Here’s the label to go with it:

And here’s the project - very large, maybe 5x8’.  Again, using very fine materials and a straight line style.

Here’s me in front of it, to give you an idea of scale (and yes - it was May and there was still snow on the ground.  The hat and coat were needed!)

And for something completely different, and NOT rug hooking-related, here’s an example of the traditional/ceremonial dress in southern Greenland.

The upper yoke is all bead work.  The thigh trim on the boots is embroidered and crocheted.

Now it’s your turn! Please share your photos with us!

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Back to In Person!

 Yes, indeedy….we held our first-in-a-long-while in-person gathering at Grace Church this morning.  We had a good collection of folks doing all manner of hooking, knitting, sewing….and yakking…..and Deb spoiled us with home made butter tarts!

We’ll continue to meet weekly on Thursday’s….and hope to re-institute the Monday Monthly Meeting soon (no firm date for that yet).  Come out to join us if you can.

Check out a few photos of works in progress:

Dolores’ steam punk steam engine for the hubby!

Martina’s tree/forest scene underway.

Lynda’s sheep family - legs, etc to be added!

Dianne’s faces & Ukraine Sunflowers

Also, Dolores brought along some fabric with great animal images on them, and she thought folks might like to use them as a basis for a hooking project (or 4). 

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Hooked on Art: Northumberland Art Gallery


Here’s a great opportunity for the Northumberland Rug Hookers! The Northumberland Arts – Gallery and Shop (located by the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope) has invited us to exhibit and sell hooked items as well as to provide a teaching opportunity for visitors to the shop. The theme is Hooked on Art – Selected Works by the Northumberland Rug Hookersthe opening is scheduled for Thursday, March 3 and will run until April 3.

Drop on by to see the exhibit!

Thursday, 27 January 2022

Greetings from Florida

 On what is a cold snowy day in Ontario, here are some photos to brighten your day: from Christine in Florida!  These are projects by members of her hooking group there.

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Two Tributes

 2021 saw the passing of two of our members.  Here is a brief tribute to both of them:

Pat Turl, a former member of Northumberland’s Monday monthly hooking group passed away on November 5, 2021.

Pat began rughooking when she lived in Markham in the early 1980’s & won an award of Honourable Mention for a first time hooker in 1983.  

She continued to rughook after they moved to Brighton in 1998 & was a member of Quinte Isle, the Brighton kitchen group & the Cobourg Monthly Monday group for several years.    Ill health for several years reduced her time hooking over the years, but she continued to be a part of the Brighton kitchen group until the Pandemic hit.    

Her kindness to all & her beautiful & spontaneous laugh & smile will long be remembered by all of us.    

Here is her first piece which won an award & her favourite made from sheep’s wool she purchased while on a trip to New Zealand.   She will be missed.    

(See below for MORE)

(Contributed by Nancy Crapper)


Pat Gilchrist, a member of the Northumberland Rug Hookers passed away May 29, 2021.  

Pat began rug hooking after moving out of Toronto to retire to the rural Cobourg area where she and her husband operated a standard-bred horse business for many years. She thoroughly enjoyed rug hooking, appreciated the fine work by others, and especially loved her rug hooking friends. Pat’s ready smile and sunny outlook (always) will be sorely missed.

(Contributed by Fran Patton & Dianne Algera)


This just in from Nancy Crapper:

 I will just add that Pat had a pattern in her materials that was old.  Backing was burlap, & old burlap at that.  She had only done the border & there was nothing on the pattern to indicate whose pattern it was or where it came from.  I brought it home, & just using wools I had I have completed for our first great grandson, who we expect to arrive any day.   If you know the origin of this pattern, I would love to know also.   It is still in need of a good pressing, but here it is.”